NEW: Tours & Experiences

Explore Costa Rica’s Wildlife, Sites & History with our director!

Yes, this is BREAKING NEWS!

OLIVAfilms’ director himself will now personally show you Costa Rica!

In May 2019 our director, Roy Prendas, decided he wants to use his experience and expertise to personally show you Costa Rica in a way nobody does.

With him, you can now explore Costa Rica’s wildlife, historical sites and cultural events any day of any month of the year! Rain or shine, he is on!

Everything started decades ago, when Roy began showing Costa Rica to his closest friends when they were visiting him.

Recently, he finally realized that they were having a blast every time. He also noticed that everyone was learning a lot and improving their lives with the experiences of these tours!

That is when he decided to share this experiences with other people who were not his friends…yet.

Early in 2019 Roy started offering an experience tour of the area where he grew up, next to the largest lake of Costa Rica.

Since the experience is available on AirBnB, everyone involved has been having a great time, and Roy does not want to stop!

This is your opportunity to explore Costa Rica like never before!

Here are your options:

(1) You may book one of our two original experiences. One at the Arenal Volcano, another one Arenal downtown, one of the villages that suffered the consequences of the huge eruption…and lived to tell the tale.

(2) You can also contact our team for a personalized tailored experience that fits what you are looking for. We can help you with anything from sea-turtle nesting or hatchling, to bird or whale watching; from the deepest authentic traditional cuisine and ancestral musical instruments, to the richest museums and un-explored Costa Rican history. You name it!

Our director himself will be honored to be your experiential tour guide!