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our story

The story of how I named my company OLIVAfilms, encapsulates one of the pillars of science communication.

I named my company OLIVAfilms after my first short film ever. The main character in that short film is an olive ridley sea turtle. Its scientific name is not particularly easy to remember: Lepidochellys olivacea.

So the challenge was to take that scientific name and condense it into a version that is much simpler and easier to remember.


That’s when I remembered Michelangelo’s famous quote “The idea is there locked inside. All you have to do is remove the excess stone.”

That’s how we went from Lepidochellys olivacea to Lepidochellys OLIVAcea, and from there to simply Oliva.

And that, dear reader, is precisely what we do: transform complex scientific information into easy to digest messages that bring your company, non-profit organization, research, laboratory, product, cause or, in our case main character, closer to your audience of interest.

That’s how, in the past decades, we have helped and continue to help scientists, researchers, companies, universities, and laboratories bring their messages to their audiences and clients.

I am Roy Prendas Álvarez, from Costa Rica, founder and director of OLIVAfilms. And I am inviting you to let us help you!

I am looking forward to hearing from you,